$289.5k in 6 months

Learn how we leveraged the Meta platform to drive results.

The Challenge:

  1. Targeting the Ideal Audience

  2. Campaign Management and Organization

  3. Lead Outreach

The Results:

  • Streamlined Workflows

  • Alignment of Brand Mission with Marketing Efforts

  • Creation of Fresh and Highly Effective Creatives

  • $289.5K in Additional Revenue for $18K in Ad Spend


This case study revolves around a landscaping business that struggled with ineffective Facebook and Instagram ads in the past. Despite promises of significant returns, previous efforts yielded little to no results. Upon partnering with us, the landscaper was informed that achieving an impressive ROI would be a gradual process.

The investment paid off, with the business generating $289.5k in additional revenue for a mere $18k ad spend. Additionally, we facilitated lead qualification by personally contacting and vetting prospects according to the landscaper's criteria, ensuring only high-value leads were pursued.

Campaign Management:

To cater to the landscaper's requirements, we adopted a systematic campaign management approach. This involved a dynamic strategy incorporating rotating offerings, urgent $1000 off specials, and compelling before-and-after collages to increase conversion rates and urgency.

Our team generated a plethora of engaging video creatives and images weekly, employing proven frameworks to ensure relevance and impact. These assets were delivered well in advance to the client, facilitating seamless integration and strategic planning.


Through tightly managed operations and adherence to brand messaging, we achieved remarkable success for the landscaper's business. Organized campaign management, coupled with the utilization of proven ad frameworks, enabled scalable growth without compromising brand integrity.

By focusing on qualified leads and maximizing ad effectiveness, we delivered substantial ROI and positioned the landscaper for continued success.